fusioninventory 12 months ago • updated by David DURIEUX 12 months ago 5

Add a task to scan and inventory win32 platform in a network using WMI protocol

Not sure good idea because will miss many information, that's why we always force people to install the agent on all computers

I agree this can't be as good as installing agent on all computers, but the idea is to being able to quickly inventory most windows computers, even one without a Fusioninventory agent. This can help to identify computer without an agent. This can also just be a lighter and sufficient inventory task for some people.

Not agree :p

To identity computers without an agent, there is the network discovery. If you inventory with WMI, it will be in GLPI like a fusioninventory inventory (agent on computer or remotely with wmi).


Hi David.

This is a killer feature. Most of our concurrent have it.

The idea, as Guillaume said, it not to have all informations, but the most important. We know that we can miss some informations, but between no information without installing an agent and having a good set of info, I choose the second one :)

We know quite a lot of users being only intersted in having the name, type, model, serial, software, CPU and RAM infos.

We can even imagine running remote calls to regedit to have more accurate informations.

The behavior of this task is more or less the same as the ESX inventory. An agent does a remote scan, create an XML inventory and sends it to the server.

And I prefer choose the first... perhaps because prefer have full inventory than half inventory and after people will open issues because inventory is not complete...