This forum is used to centralized feature requests and ideas for Fusioninventory, an opensource inventory and software deployment tool.

Fusioninventory for GLPI is a specialized plugin for GLPI.

Fusioninventory agent is a multi-platform agent to collect platforms inventory and helps to push and centralize them on a GLPI server.


Diferent rules for tasks

omassanet 1 month ago • updated 1 month ago 0

How to disable "USB Composite Device" in Assets-Devices?

Jimmy 2 months ago 0

Decrease printer cartridge stock automatically

Jean-Christophe 7 months ago • updated by Kirill Lavrik 3 months ago 2

Install Software on Demand

Maik S. 3 months ago 0

Can wakeup computer from glpi inventory page

Vallee Romain 2 years ago • updated by Maik S. 3 months ago 1

How to handle "special" network devices

Megachip 3 months ago 0

can't load fusioninventory-agent

Thierry Boibary 8 months ago • updated by Megachip 5 months ago 4


Nery E. Molina Jongezoon 5 months ago • updated by Megachip 5 months ago 1