This forum is used to centralized feature requests and ideas for Fusioninventory, an opensource inventory and software deployment tool.

Fusioninventory for GLPI is a specialized plugin for GLPI.

Fusioninventory agent is a multi-platform agent to collect platforms inventory and helps to push and centralize them on a GLPI server.


Support for anydesk remote desktop

Vince 1 year ago updated by Ilya 4 weeks ago 1

Fusioninventory agent for Photon OS

bertrand.keller 4 weeks ago 0

Get bitlocker status

Kevin 5 months ago updated by Sharewok 1 month ago 3

Linux Device Encryption Status

Needs more Fusion 1 month ago 0

Discover and inventory vswitch

bertrand.keller 2 months ago 0

Add Windows HardwareID / Retrieve offline Autopilot hash

jesse 4 months ago 0
Under review

Inventory Meraki Cloud

Megachip 2 years ago updated 6 months ago 7

Fusioninventory agent installation script for Debian based distributions

HallisonFS 7 months ago updated by Óscar Beiro - TICgal 7 months ago 1

Limit the softwares that FusionInventory imports

Orlando Bressan 7 months ago 0