This forum is used to centralized feature requests and ideas for Fusioninventory, an opensource inventory and software deployment tool.

Fusioninventory for GLPI is a specialized plugin for GLPI.

Fusioninventory agent is a multi-platform agent to collect platforms inventory and helps to push and centralize them on a GLPI server.


fusioninventory agent and plugin SMART info disk

adamcios 2 years ago • updated by Karol Briegmann 2 years ago 3

is any possible to get by agent all info from hdd S.M.A.R.T. and with

compare with drivedb.h ( smartmontools drive database file). Info from

fast smart hdd test should be sent to glpi and put to disk info. This

info should be stored last 3 or more test and compare potential

indicators of imminent electromechanical failure.

When something wrong will starts with disk (potential failure) for

instance Reallocated Sectors Count or Read Error Rate grow then

technician should be inform that something wrong aproach. Even fusion in glpi can autocreate ticket with information problem with disk komp etc....


Inventory databases

Walid Nouh 2 years ago • updated by anonymous 2 years ago 1

Perform database inventory (MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle, Postgresql, etc)


Can wakeup computer from glpi inventory page

Vallee Romain 2 years ago • updated by Maik S. 6 months ago 1

wakeup pc from glpi inventory page instead create task ...


Discover stack switches

bacus99 2 years ago • updated by Walid Nouh 1 year ago 1

Add stacked switch discovery and inventory


Return Windows 10 version

bjouana 2 years ago • updated by fusioninventory 12 months ago 2

Return the version of Windows 10 running on the computer (1511,1607 or 1703)

fusioninventory 12 months ago

Hi @bjouana,

just released Fusioinventory Agent 2.4 is now supporting this feature.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Under review

Easier way to support more SNMP devices or improve their information retrieval

Óscar Beiro - TICgal 2 years ago • updated by fusioninventory 1 year ago 5

AFAIK, if your snmp devices is not supported, or correctly detected you have to report it in Github and maybe someone would add it.

It would be great to use some kind of templates. where running an SNMPWalk you could identify the right OID, and ask fusioninventory agent to retrieve them for this particular model.

A central repository where the community could share their templates, would be great.

Right now, I'm thinking about printers, which I can get total printed pages easily, but not BW, and color, because fusion always return 0 in all of this fields.

It could be used for every other device, though.

Under review

automatic rename of fusioninventory agent

narutobaka 2 years ago • updated by anonymous 2 years ago 2


(cf my post on fusioninventory forum here :

Actually when you change computer's name, fusioninventory agent name don't change automatically.

You need to delete /var directory to do that.

It would be nice to implement this.



Inventory SSL certificates

Walid Nouh 2 years ago 0

Ability to discover and inventory SSL certificates


patch management

finalbeta 1 year ago 0

System Patch management

  • Allow fusioninventory to list (packages/windows updates) that are available for update.
  • Allow fusioninventory to list installed updates
  • Allow fusioninventory to apply available patches
  • Apply policy to device to automate patch installation window (day, hour) + reboot at the end.

Allow fusioninventory to list system patches and select/apply them for installation. 

Allow fusioninventory to apply a policy to a system that schedules installation of patches (possibly allow a system reboot at the end) (for example, 


Reduce the waste of resources of FusionInventory-Agent

Tomás Abad 1 year ago • updated by Guillaume Rousse 1 year ago 3

   Before FusionInventory-Agent v2.3.18 the tasks that the agent executed and its order were hard-code defined: first the task Inventory, afterwards the task Deploy, afterwards the task NetDiscovery, and so on (sorry, this probably isn't the real order); the only way to modify that was installing or not the tasks or making use of --no-task option, that was all. But FusionInvenotry-Agent v2.3.18 changed this behaviour.

   FusionInventory-Agent v2.3.18 introduced the new --tasks option with which it was possible not only to indicate which tasks to run but, also, in what order. But not only that, it allowed to run a task more than one time.

   The --tasks option allows to do interesting things. Regarding to deploy packages, for example, it now allows to maintain an inventory more faithful to reality since it isn't necessary to wait for the agent refresh the inventory data so that deployed packages appear in FusionInventory for GLPI.

   Now it's enough to set tasks=Inventory,Deploy,Inventory,... (don't forget the last three dots; it means exactly "and the other tasks") to be sure than a) FusionInventory for GLPI going to have got an up to date information before to try an hipothetical or possible Deploy task execution and b) FusionInventory for GLPI going to have got an up to date information after that hipothetical or possible Deploy task execution.

   The new --tasks option introduces the advantage of modify the task schedules behaviour of the FusionInventory-Agent but it also introduces a side effect not so desirable. The side effect is an inefficient task execution and waste of resources. This is an example.

   Set the --tasks option to Inventory,Deploy,Inventory,... (that is our configuration for more than fifteen thousand computers) is a good choice whether you have planned deploy packages because with it it's possible to maintain an inventory more faithful to reality. And yes, this is true, but you pay a high price in consumption of CPU, time and bandwidth, and not only in the side of the client. Why?. It's very simple. Most of time, the FusionInventory-Agent will not have to do any Deploy task so it will run two consecutive Inventory tasks with practically the same result; and that is a waste of resources.

   But also it's possible to set the --tasks option to esoteric configurations like this: Inventory,Inventory,Inventory,.... And yes, I know this is a stupidity, but this stupidity may be possible.

   I have thought about this problem during some time and I think that there could be a simple solution for both problems (that really are the same): keep track of what has been the last executed task and skip the execution of the next one whether it is of the same kind.

   That is all. Regards,


Get uptime for local inventory

Walid Nouh 10 months ago 0

We collect UPTIME for network devices using SNMP.

We should also collect UPTIME for local inventory


Mail notification alert - New Import assets (Computers as principal)

thelordbat 1 year ago • updated by Óscar Beiro - TICgal 1 year ago 1

Basicaly create a mail notification when fusion inventory add a new asset. At the start will be nice to alert about new computers.


Under review

Update debian package

Óscar Beiro - TICgal 2 years ago • updated by fusioninventory 1 year ago 4

This request has two alternatives:

  1. Update Fusioninventory repository: adding the new version
  2. Add a new package for Debian stretch which has been recently frozen. I guess this one is going to be harder to achieve.


Decrease printer cartridge stock automatically

Jean-Christophe 10 months ago • updated by Kirill Lavrik 5 months ago 2

SNMP of printer inventory knows the cartridge level.

We can link a cartridge model to a printer.

There is a stock level of cartridges.

Could it be possible to automatically decrease the cartridge stock when SNMP inventory detects the level of a cartridge changes from > 5% to <95% ? And send a notification? :-)

Thanks a lot


Ability to choose how to wakeup an agent

Walid Nouh 1 year ago 0

It's would be to have an option to define how to wake an agent up:

1/ fqdn only

2/ fqdn + ip

3/ ip + fqdn

4/ ip only


Support for anydesk remote desktop

Vince 2 months ago 0

It would be great if Fusioninventory could retrieve the address of the Anydesk station.


Keep x number of inventories (and display them?)

CDuv 1 year ago 0

I am suggesting the FusionInventory for GLPI could display/give access to the x last inventories, instead of only the last one like as currently.

Why this suggestion?:

I needed to get the serial number of a recently removed hard disk drive.

Since an inventory task ran after disk removal, the "Hard drive" section of the "Components" tab (in GLPI) did not show the disk anymore (nor it's serial number).

Being components, they don't seem to keep log of serial number (no entry in "Historical" tab of "Item - Hard drive link", page /front/item_deviceharddrive.form.php?id=xxx).

The "Import information" tab of the computer only displayed the last one.

How would it help?

If the FusionInventory for GLPI could keep previous (raw) inventory files, one could read them and get access to historical data that GLPI does not keep track of.

Questions it raises (with possible answers):

  • How many inventory to keep? The number should be configurable: « Keep x number of inventory », « Keep inventories of the last x days »
  • How to consult/access any previous inventory? A link to download the raw (compressed?) file would meet the minimum viable feature. But if the user interface could load an inventory into the inventory viewer located in "Import information" tab (the "Last inventory" table) and offer the user a input (eg. dropdown) to select which inventory he wants to display, that would be great.

Improve UI for deployment audits

Walid Nouh 1 year ago 0

The process of creating an audit is not as simple as it seems.

It's mandatory to better explain how audit work : what is done when condition is met or not met.

Maybe describe the audit as a sentence, as it's displayed in the audits list


Add a package action to perform a reboot

Walid Nouh 1 year ago 0

Sometimes mostly on Windows, a reboot has to be done before or after processing a package.

add a possibitly to order a clean reboot of the computer, and to keep the state of the task for continuing the job once the restart has been done.


Network WMI inventory

fusioninventory 2 years ago • updated 12 months ago 7

Add a task to scan and inventory win32 platform in a network using WMI protocol

fusioninventory 12 months ago

Just released Fusioinventory Agent 2.4 is now the official version supporting this feature.