This forum is used to centralized feature requests and ideas for Fusioninventory, an opensource inventory and software deployment tool.

Fusioninventory for GLPI is a specialized plugin for GLPI.

Fusioninventory agent is a multi-platform agent to collect platforms inventory and helps to push and centralize them on a GLPI server.


Diferent rules for tasks

omassanet 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 0

Would be good having more than one list import and link rules, and then assign list of rules to a task, having tasks with different criteria.



Nery E. Molina Jongezoon 1 year ago • updated by Megachip 1 year ago 1


I think it will be good if fusion inventory can add MIBS. If we can add mibs to fusioninventory we can monitor different devices like Firewalls Checkpoint, and newest switches Cisco.


Collect remaining life of SSD

btry 2 years ago 0

SSD provide a way to collect a evaluation of wear. Collecting this data might be useful to monitor SSD in servers and handle their replacement in time.

See this post talking about it


Filter consumable level in printer list

djdomics 2 years ago 0

It could be useful to filter consumable level in printer list.

example: toner black less than 25%

Under review

Inventory Meraki Cloud

Megachip 2 years ago • updated by Walid Nouh 2 years ago 6

Is there any possibility for snmp inventory on custom ports (and of these cloud solutions like meraki?).

Example Data: Host:, Port: 16100,

Download MIB

Can be tested free.

Thanks a lot,



More information within ESX agent scan (OS, IP)

JTSD 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2

It would be very useful when agent could take OS kind and IP of a VM.

Based on information from an agent plugin should add visibly relation between VM and a Host - now there's possible to see only VMs runing on specific host, not particular Host name in properties of VM created in GLPI as a Computer.


Improve computer models management between Fusion Inventory, GLPI and automatic provisionning tools

blaise.thauvin 2 years ago 0


I have built out of GLPI, FusionInventory, CustomFields, Microsoft MDT (Deployment tool) and a home made database synchronisation tool something that is close to SCCM at very low cost.

I plan to release it as soon as it is clean enough to be shared.

Basically, I use the data from GLPI to feed the MDT database. This enable automatic OS deployment just pressing "F12" at boot (PXE boot to MDT). Our technicians just choose the OS version, the machine name, the additional applications (MS office, OpenOffice....) in GLPI and that's it.

In order to manager hardware specificities, I rely on the computer model to set some defaults, model based values.

This used to work fine until the latest update 2.3.21 which introducd commercial names instead of technical codes. A lot of machines where identified with a technical code for the model rather than a commercial name. This code is what MDT relies on to identify a model (plus, several models with slightly different hardware may often the same commercial name). The output on screen is much nicer (20C600JJFR is now ThinkPad Edge E540) but MDT is broken.

Therefore my suggestion is:

- Have GLPI manage both the commercial name and the technical code for computer models.

- Add one column to the glpi_computermodels table for code. Make this column indexed unique while names can be non unique. I hear there is a "product number field" in preparation in GLPI 9.2, maybe this is the right place.

- Show both code and name on computer description page.

- Adapt Fusion Inventory import code to store both informations.

Indeed, there will be an issue when two different versions of FI will report a different name for the same code. I guess the rule should be:

- If code and name reported are the same and conflict with an existing model where they differ, keep the one that differs as this is probably more up to date.

- If code and name reported are different, then update table. Last to talk wins!

In the mean time I would love to get an additional setting in the plugin which would let me choose wich code (MMODEL or SMODEL) I want to store in GLPI. Indeed this is open source software so I will probably do a dirty patch on the code to fix my problem, but I'd rather have a proper and maintained solution.

Thanks in advance.


Microsoft Office Licence key Retrieval

Djobala 2 years ago • updated by fusioninventory 2 years ago 3

It would be very usefull to retrieve also MS Office (or other installed software) licence information (key) during the inventory. These data will be helpfull in the GLPI Licence management module.

fusioninventory 2 years ago

Hi @Fjobala,

just released Fusioinventory Agent 2.4 includes this feature. You can now test it and give us your feedback.

Thank you for the suggestion.


Track volume size changes

fogmechanics 2 years ago 0

I'd like to see info about volume size changing over time. Something like this.


retrieve firewall status

Walid Nouh 2 years ago • updated by fusioninventory 2 years ago 2
Under review

Fusioninventory proxy

Marcelo Lima 3 years ago • updated by fusioninventory 2 years ago 3

Hi all
We running GLPI+Fusioninventory in company data center. What is the effort to developer a proxy solution to install in customer environment like 'zabbix proxy'?


Limit the softwares that FusionInventory imports

Orlando Bressan 2 weeks ago 0

Hello, it would be great if we can select the softwares we want to import and control, just to make easy to see then in glpi. I don't want to know that my employee have visual studio in his machine, but it would be great to know if he have PDMS or an Autodesk Software. Yes, i know i can just filter then every time, but if i can just import the softwares that match a criteria, i would love it.


Fusioninventory agent installation script for Debian based distributions

HallisonFS 3 weeks ago • updated by Óscar Beiro - TICgal 2 weeks ago 1

Hi, I have created a shell script in order to facilitate the installation of FusionInventory agent in Debian based Linux distributions. I hope it can be useful for someone.


Cisco CDP

Carlos Robotti 3 weeks ago 0

Add Cisco CDP discovery protocol, to get information about network equipment. This protocol is also supported by other network equipment manufacturers like ubiquiti.


Network discovery agent - Add support for ONVIF discovery tasks

Carlos Robotti 3 weeks ago • updated 3 weeks ago 0

Add support for ONVIF protocol to discover and inventory network cameras, DVR, and other ONVIF device complaint.

Using ONVIF scan via discovery or ip scan, you can have all camera data formatted in a standard protocol (Make and model, mac address, streaming data, etc).


MSI package for app deployment - OSD

Martin L. 1 month ago • updated by fusioninventory 4 weeks ago 1

Any MSI package available for Fusioninventory?

fusioninventory 4 weeks ago

Hi Martin L.,


I started to work on this some time ago, but we need some sponsoring here to really focus ;-)


Fusion inventory script to add computers automatically to Location on glpi

12b 2 months ago 0

I need my fusion inventory script to add computers automatically to Locations I created in glpi web portal. Where do i start the code.


Create incidents from HW changes or full hard drive.

Victor Alarcon 3 months ago 0

I would add the possibility of generating tickets automatically when detecting changes in the HW or for example a hard disk over 90%.

That would be great.


Fusioninventory 2.5 & glpi 9.2.4 possible?

vollkommenirrelevant 4 months ago • updated by fusioninventory 3 months ago 2


is it possible to use Fusiononventory 2.5 with older GLPI? For example Version 9.2.4?


fusioninventory 3 months ago

Fusioninventory agent just needs a working FusionInventory plugin for GLPI. So you just have to check the plugin compatibility, not the agent one.