This forum is used to centralized feature requests and ideas for Fusioninventory, an opensource inventory and software deployment tool.

Fusioninventory for GLPI is a specialized plugin for GLPI.

Fusioninventory agent is a multi-platform agent to collect platforms inventory and helps to push and centralize them on a GLPI server.

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Fusioninventory proxy

Marcelo Lima 4 years ago updated by fusioninventory 4 years ago 3

Hi all
We running GLPI+Fusioninventory in company data center. What is the effort to developer a proxy solution to install in customer environment like 'zabbix proxy'?


software versions dictionnary

ffauquenoy 3 weeks ago 0

On a Linux system, the software version number may contain "1:" or "2:" in reference to the epoch part of the version number. 

But sometimes we don't need this part - to stick with a Windows version number (example: the version number of fusioninventory-agent).

Is it possible to plan to add dictionary rules for software versions? 




Distributing Agent as Flatpak

Marcel Ziswiler 3 months ago 0

Is it feasible to distribute the agent as flatpak which e.g. may be used on Fedora Silverblue?


fusioninventory-netdiscovery Entity

shakra2005 5 months ago 0

Hi all,

i have glpi installed but my network discovery is not working.

Now i tried with the cmd


discovery is running now but i want to import into my Glpi

How to setup the --entity option ?


Add ability to check custom regkey for software inventory

yannou 6 months ago 0


It would be great if you add the ability to ckeck registry keys other than Microsoft...uninstall for softwares inventory.


Detect Synology NAS as Storage instead of Network device

Krishna MS 10 months ago 0

Currently the agents discovers Synology NAS as network device. As a result, we do not get information about disks and volumes.


Support for Synology NAS

Krishna MS 10 months ago 0
Ability to discover Synology NAS using SNMP with information regarding disks and volumes


Fusioninventory agent for Photon OS

bertrand.keller 12 months ago 0


Do you plan to release a fusioninventory agent package for Photon OS ?

Or is there a solution for a portable fusioninventory agent ?



Can i get some action/rule/functionality in fusion Inventory that should detect usb storage and block them on agent side

TirathSingh 1 year ago 0

I want an functionality or rule that can detect usb storage devices and block them on agent side (in short usb blocking should be done) i am not able to to do so can any one help me with these please


Get bitlocker status

Kevin 1 year ago updated by Sharewok 1 year ago 3


Would it be possible to work on the integration of Bitlocker in
FusionInventory? The goal would be to detect the status of BitLocker on the disks of a computer.



fusioninventory 1 year ago

Hi Kevin,

this has still be done, you need at least:

 - FusionInventory-Agent 2.4.3

 - FusionInventory plugin for glpi 9.4+1.1


Fusioninventory agent installation script for Debian based distributions

HallisonFS 1 year ago updated by Óscar Beiro - TICgal 1 year ago 1

Hi, I have created a shell script in order to facilitate the installation of FusionInventory agent in Debian based Linux distributions. I hope it can be useful for someone.


Cisco CDP

Carlos Robotti 1 year ago 0

Add Cisco CDP discovery protocol, to get information about network equipment. This protocol is also supported by other network equipment manufacturers like ubiquiti.


MSI package for app deployment - OSD

Martin L. 2 years ago updated by McD 8 months ago 2

Any MSI package available for Fusioninventory?

fusioninventory 1 year ago

Hi Martin L.,


I started to work on this some time ago, but we need some sponsoring here to really focus ;-)


Fusioninventory 2.5 & glpi 9.2.4 possible?

vollkommenirrelevant 2 years ago updated by fusioninventory 2 years ago 2


is it possible to use Fusiononventory 2.5 with older GLPI? For example Version 9.2.4?


fusioninventory 2 years ago

Fusioninventory agent just needs a working FusionInventory plugin for GLPI. So you just have to check the plugin compatibility, not the agent one.


Computers imported according to templates

Todd 2 years ago 0


I found some topics about my issue but no solution.

I need to bind a GLPI template with my imported computers. 

I explain : to follow the evolution of the computers, I need to enter management information (financial informations, guarantees, suppliers ...). These informations are common to a large part of the computers depending on whether it is (desktop or laptop). For that, I created two templates in GLPI for the creation of machines. However, I can not use the Fusion plugin to import the machines because they can not be created according to the desired template. I would need to can import the computers and by a rule (depending on what type it is, desktop or laptop) create the computer according to my template Desktop or Laptop in GLPI.

Waiting to your answer.



Software Metering

Sudhirreddy 2 years ago 0

Please add Software Metering option, it would be a great feature (...see reports on software usage by hours in a day or month, etc.)


Monitor Serialnumber

Peter Kowalsky 2 years ago updated by Óscar Beiro - TICgal 2 years ago 1

Is it possible to get the monitor serialnumber EDID with fusioninventory? Would be nice for administrators with rented hardware.


Added Command Line to fusioninventory-agent-deployment.vbs

Proyecto TAU 2 years ago 0

I'm happy to contribute with some command line options to fusioninventory-agent-deployment.vbs

I've read in "On your 2.3.x branch, update this file to reference properly your contrib", but I don't know how "to reference properly my contrib"...

Isn't it enought a pretty PR to develop branch?

If you think that this is a valuable contribution, please, I'm anxiously waiting for further instructions ;-)

Best regards!

Usage: fusioninventory-agent-deployment [options ...]

        /Location="http[s]://host[:port]/[absolut_path]" | "\\host\share\[path]"
        /Arch=x86 | x64 | Auto
        /Force[=Yes or No]
        /Verbose[=Yes or No]
        /DryRun[=Yes or No]
        /Options=/S /acceptlicense /runnow etc ...

Missing options take the default value defined within the Script.
Present options without explicit value take the value Yes.

        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /help                                                  just this usage
        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /advance=15                                            must be an Integer value
        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /verbose /dryrun                                       for verbose dummy run
        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /dryrun                                                for silenced dummy run
        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /dryrun /options="/S /acceptlicense /runnow etc ..."   testing your options!


SNMP: Using sysdescr for Model/Manufacture determination (via regex)

Megachip 3 years ago 0

At meraki hardware, a lot of informations (model, manufacture) exist in sysdescr. Is there any way to "filter" these informations to set manufacturer and model? (seems FI didn't read them out of the SNMP).


Meraki MS350-24X Cloud Managed PoE Switch

Meraki MR53 Cloud Managed AP


How to disable debug logging to journal

Megachip 3 years ago updated by fusioninventory 3 years ago 2

debug is set to 0 but journal is full of debug log entries:

Mär 20 12:41:12 fusioninventory-agent[14097]: [debug] [thread 4] scanning
Mär 20 12:41:16 fusioninventory-agent[14097]: [debug] [thread 4] - scanning with nmap: no result
Mär 20 12:41:16 fusioninventory-agent[14097]: [debug] [thread 4] - scanning with netbios: no result
Mär 20 12:41:16 fusioninventory-agent[14097]: [debug] [thread 4] - scanning with SNMP, credentials 2: no result, no response from host
Mär 20 12:41:16 fusioninventory-agent[14097]: [debug] [thread 4] - scanning with SNMP, credentials 5: no result, no response from host
fusioninventory 3 years ago

Hi Megachip,

You should always tell us which agent version and which OS you're using for your agent. Here I can only suppose you still have the option activated with your service, maybe in a /etc/sysconfig/fusioninventory-agent file or in a /etc/default/fusioninventory-agent file, depending on your system.