This forum is used to centralized feature requests and ideas for Fusioninventory, an opensource inventory and software deployment tool.

Fusioninventory for GLPI is a specialized plugin for GLPI.

Fusioninventory agent is a multi-platform agent to collect platforms inventory and helps to push and centralize them on a GLPI server.


Monitor Serialnumber

Peter Kowalsky 2 years ago updated by Óscar Beiro - TICgal 2 years ago 1

Is it possible to get the monitor serialnumber EDID with fusioninventory? Would be nice for administrators with rented hardware.


Added Command Line to fusioninventory-agent-deployment.vbs

Proyecto TAU 2 years ago 0

I'm happy to contribute with some command line options to fusioninventory-agent-deployment.vbs

I've read in "On your 2.3.x branch, update this file to reference properly your contrib", but I don't know how "to reference properly my contrib"...

Isn't it enought a pretty PR to develop branch?

If you think that this is a valuable contribution, please, I'm anxiously waiting for further instructions ;-)

Best regards!

Usage: fusioninventory-agent-deployment [options ...]

        /Location="http[s]://host[:port]/[absolut_path]" | "\\host\share\[path]"
        /Arch=x86 | x64 | Auto
        /Force[=Yes or No]
        /Verbose[=Yes or No]
        /DryRun[=Yes or No]
        /Options=/S /acceptlicense /runnow etc ...

Missing options take the default value defined within the Script.
Present options without explicit value take the value Yes.

        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /help                                                  just this usage
        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /advance=15                                            must be an Integer value
        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /verbose /dryrun                                       for verbose dummy run
        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /dryrun                                                for silenced dummy run
        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /dryrun /options="/S /acceptlicense /runnow etc ..."   testing your options!


SNMP: Using sysdescr for Model/Manufacture determination (via regex)

Megachip 3 years ago 0

At meraki hardware, a lot of informations (model, manufacture) exist in sysdescr. Is there any way to "filter" these informations to set manufacturer and model? (seems FI didn't read them out of the SNMP).


Meraki MS350-24X Cloud Managed PoE Switch

Meraki MR53 Cloud Managed AP


How to disable debug logging to journal

Megachip 3 years ago updated by fusioninventory 3 years ago 2

debug is set to 0 but journal is full of debug log entries:

Mär 20 12:41:12 fusioninventory-agent[14097]: [debug] [thread 4] scanning
Mär 20 12:41:16 fusioninventory-agent[14097]: [debug] [thread 4] - scanning with nmap: no result
Mär 20 12:41:16 fusioninventory-agent[14097]: [debug] [thread 4] - scanning with netbios: no result
Mär 20 12:41:16 fusioninventory-agent[14097]: [debug] [thread 4] - scanning with SNMP, credentials 2: no result, no response from host
Mär 20 12:41:16 fusioninventory-agent[14097]: [debug] [thread 4] - scanning with SNMP, credentials 5: no result, no response from host
fusioninventory 3 years ago

Hi Megachip,

You should always tell us which agent version and which OS you're using for your agent. Here I can only suppose you still have the option activated with your service, maybe in a /etc/sysconfig/fusioninventory-agent file or in a /etc/default/fusioninventory-agent file, depending on your system.


can't load fusioninventory-agent

Thierry Boibary 3 years ago updated by jcach 1 year ago 5

hello!  i'm a novice so be quiet!!!

i can't launch fusioninventory-agent  :  here is the error message:

[root@CentOS-Virtual /]# fusioninventory-agent
[error] No target defined, aborting

i don't know how to set the parameters in agent.cfg

for example the first parameter """server"""

thanks for your help




fusioninventory-netdiscovery: unknowned command

Thierry Boibary 3 years ago updated by fusioninventory 3 years ago 2


i am a novice user. After installation  of  : 

yum install fusioninventory-agent fusioninventory-agent-task-inventory
the command fusioninventory-netdiscovery is UNKNOWNED
where is my error please?
fusioninventory 3 years ago

You need to install `fusioninventory-agent-task-network`

Under review

Fusion não faz inventario de software do WPS Office

Neiel Melo 3 years ago updated by fusioninventory 3 years ago 1

Após rodar o inventario do Fusion ele não reconhece os computadores que tem o WPS Office instalado.


GLPI update computers' entity on inventory

wdorison 3 years ago updated by Walid Nouh 3 years ago 1

In my GLPI I have a rule to select the computers' entity in depend of their names. 
Sometime, I need to change its name and entity but the rule isn't run again and my entity keep the same.

Is it possible to add the possibility to relaunch the rules after each inventory? 


FusionInventory Mobile

Matheus Rossetto Cardoso 2 years ago 0

I can't setup my mobile agent. I put the same data as the Windows agent, but don't take the inventory. Show the message "Server doesn't reply"

Help please.


GLPI cron not running, see documentation

obahunshola2012 2 years ago 0

I have problems with fusioninventory 9.1+1.0

stagiaire2 3 years ago 0


to begin with, I have an internship with a trading company that has 15 points of sale. My mission is to manage its IT infrastructure with ITSM 9.1.6. To discover its network, I use Fusioninventory 9.1+1.0. I also have installed the latest Fusioninventory agent for Windows. My problem is that I only get response from only 10 points of sale. I didn't get my problem to solve it because the agent works well (for the 15 points of sale).

PS: it's not a problem of a firewall, I installed the netdiscovery, deploy, ESX and the other fusioninventory features

I don't have a good knowledge about ITSM neither about the Fusioninventory but I followed tutorials.

Soryy if I asked dummy questions but could any one help me please ?