More information within ESX agent scan (OS, IP)

JTSD 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

It would be very useful when agent could take OS kind and IP of a VM.

Based on information from an agent plugin should add visibly relation between VM and a Host - now there's possible to see only VMs runing on specific host, not particular Host name in properties of VM created in GLPI as a Computer.


If you perform a remote vcenter/esx inventory, this will create a host and list it's vms (with their uuid). Then you install an agent in each vm's OS.

By doing to, glpi will make a link (when you display for example the vms of an host).

Is it what you're looking for ?

Not exactly, but thank you for answer. Better for me would be gather OS and IP from VMware ESX(i) together with other info (like number of cores, RAM etc.). These days my colleague tries to add it to scripts to show it in afterwards created item "Computer" from discovered VM. Don't you have some hints for us? :-)

Question about link VM <-> Host is clear and is not necessary to discuss more.

Thanks again