I have problems with fusioninventory 9.1+1.0

stagiaire2 3 years ago 0


to begin with, I have an internship with a trading company that has 15 points of sale. My mission is to manage its IT infrastructure with ITSM 9.1.6. To discover its network, I use Fusioninventory 9.1+1.0. I also have installed the latest Fusioninventory agent for Windows. My problem is that I only get response from only 10 points of sale. I didn't get my problem to solve it because the agent works well (for the 15 points of sale).

PS: it's not a problem of a firewall, I installed the netdiscovery, deploy, ESX and the other fusioninventory features

I don't have a good knowledge about ITSM neither about the Fusioninventory but I followed tutorials.

Soryy if I asked dummy questions but could any one help me please ?