Keep x number of inventories (and display them?)

CDuv 3 years ago 0

I am suggesting the FusionInventory for GLPI could display/give access to the x last inventories, instead of only the last one like as currently.

Why this suggestion?:

I needed to get the serial number of a recently removed hard disk drive.

Since an inventory task ran after disk removal, the "Hard drive" section of the "Components" tab (in GLPI) did not show the disk anymore (nor it's serial number).

Being components, they don't seem to keep log of serial number (no entry in "Historical" tab of "Item - Hard drive link", page /front/item_deviceharddrive.form.php?id=xxx).

The "Import information" tab of the computer only displayed the last one.

How would it help?

If the FusionInventory for GLPI could keep previous (raw) inventory files, one could read them and get access to historical data that GLPI does not keep track of.

Questions it raises (with possible answers):

  • How many inventory to keep? The number should be configurable: « Keep x number of inventory », « Keep inventories of the last x days »
  • How to consult/access any previous inventory? A link to download the raw (compressed?) file would meet the minimum viable feature. But if the user interface could load an inventory into the inventory viewer located in "Import information" tab (the "Last inventory" table) and offer the user a input (eg. dropdown) to select which inventory he wants to display, that would be great.