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Inventory Meraki Cloud

Megachip 2 years ago • updated by Walid Nouh 2 years ago 6

Is there any possibility for snmp inventory on custom ports (and of these cloud solutions like meraki?).

Example Data: Host: snmp.meraki.com, Port: 16100,

Download MIB

Can be tested free.

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Hi Megachip,

actually, using port option is not possible in netdiscovery task. You still can try manually netinventory task specifying port being a colon like in: fusioninventory-netinventory --host snmp.meraki.com:16100

Btw, where are specified the access to snmp.meraki.com ? I didn't manage to access it.

Is port 16100 just for example data ? I can see in docs the default port seems always to be 161 UDP.


its written here: https://documentation.meraki.com/zGeneral_Administration/Monitoring_and_Reporting/SNMP_Overview_and_Configuration

The 161 example seems only working with the access points, not the switches. Also found no way to change the port to default. 

Have you tried fusioninventory-netinventory [authentication options] --host <switch_ip>:16100 like a suggested ?

Not worked. But found a way to enable snmp per device on location base. So this request is low prio now ;)

We also need this option for our debugging purposes. When using SNMP devices emulated, the port used is not the default one.


First work to support port & protocol has been done on the agent side : https://github.com/fusioninventory/fusioninventory-agent/pull/463

The work on the server side needs to be done.

You can test the agent's PR to validate it works in your environment