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Easier way to support more SNMP devices or improve their information retrieval

Óscar Beiro - TICgal 4 years ago updated by fusioninventory 3 years ago 5

AFAIK, if your snmp devices is not supported, or correctly detected you have to report it in Github and maybe someone would add it.

It would be great to use some kind of templates. where running an SNMPWalk you could identify the right OID, and ask fusioninventory agent to retrieve them for this particular model.

A central repository where the community could share their templates, would be great.

Right now, I'm thinking about printers, which I can get total printed pages easily, but not BW, and color, because fusion always return 0 in all of this fields.

It could be used for every other device, though.

Under review

You still can find a dedicated repository since few weeks:

FusionInventory sysobject.ids Github repository

Well, I was thinking about something more like this from Printer Counters plugin:

We do that few years ago and it's too complex to maintain.

With the new system, we increase the detection + reduce the maintenance of this part.

For part of information, sometime we link many OID to have the right information, so it's too complex to manage it with 'template'

Thanks for your answer David and sorry about the late reply.

I currently own a Lexmark printer which is not detected, I will be more than happy to add and share all the OID information needed, but I can't.

I will also love to get BW and color copies, and not only Total counter as will probably will if you add it to the supported list.

I see your point about templates, but is there an alternative?


Hi Oscar,

first you should let us try to support natively your device. The best way to start here was to open an issue to our sysboject IDS database repository as I just see you did it 20 hours ago ^^