Port FusionInventory-agent for SUSE and OpenSuse (rpm & repo)

yannich 3 years ago updated by Sverre Moe 2 years ago 1


is there any plan to support OpenSuse/Suse Linux disto in further versions?

There was something up and running in early years (~2012) but this is quite no more (ie impossible) to use it nowadays.

More and more projects are based on OpenSuse/Suse distro and Fusion Inventory + GLPI is the perfect missing tool to manage and follow a bunch of servers/desktops for small to big environments.

Thank you I advance.

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Could the FusionInventory team maintain RPM packages in an openSUSE Build Service repository?

There are a few Community repositories that have built fusioninventory for OpenSUSE, but we are not comfortable with using such repositories.