fusioninventory agent and plugin SMART info disk

adamcios 4 years ago updated by Karol Briegmann 4 years ago 3

is any possible to get by agent all info from hdd S.M.A.R.T. and with

compare with drivedb.h ( smartmontools drive database file). Info from

fast smart hdd test should be sent to glpi and put to disk info. This

info should be stored last 3 or more test and compare potential

indicators of imminent electromechanical failure.

When something wrong will starts with disk (potential failure) for

instance Reallocated Sectors Count or Read Error Rate grow then

technician should be inform that something wrong aproach. Even fusion in glpi can autocreate ticket with information problem with disk komp etc....

That would be very useful feature! I'm looking forward to see it in next fusion plugin versions

Very good idea, sometimes it is too late to react when smth is wrong witrh the hard drive. Deffinitely big up.


Fantastic feature. Now i am using program hddguardian from https://hddguardian.codeplex.com/ , its good, but its next program working in tray, next program to install and configure.
I am using glpi and fusioninventory and if fusionagent would report information from smart and fusion plugin wolud stored this information and comapre it it would be fantastic.
Even after if some attributes will change plugin would create ticket then it would be fantastic