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Inventory Meraki Cloud

Megachip 3 years ago updated 1 year ago 7

Is there any possibility for snmp inventory on custom ports (and of these cloud solutions like meraki?).

Example Data: Host: snmp.meraki.com, Port: 16100,

Download MIB

Can be tested free.

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Hi Megachip,

actually, using port option is not possible in netdiscovery task. You still can try manually netinventory task specifying port being a colon like in: fusioninventory-netinventory --host snmp.meraki.com:16100

Btw, where are specified the access to snmp.meraki.com ? I didn't manage to access it.

Is port 16100 just for example data ? I can see in docs the default port seems always to be 161 UDP.


its written here: https://documentation.meraki.com/zGeneral_Administration/Monitoring_and_Reporting/SNMP_Overview_and_Configuration

The 161 example seems only working with the access points, not the switches. Also found no way to change the port to default. 

Have you tried fusioninventory-netinventory [authentication options] --host <switch_ip>:16100 like a suggested ?

Not worked. But found a way to enable snmp per device on location base. So this request is low prio now ;)

/opt/fusioninventory-agent/bin/fusioninventory-netinventory --host n57.meraki.com --community ***** --port 16100
[error] [thread 1] SNMP communication error: no response from host n57.meraki.com

        SNMP communication error: no response from host n57.meraki.com

We also need this option for our debugging purposes. When using SNMP devices emulated, the port used is not the default one.


First work to support port & protocol has been done on the agent side : https://github.com/fusioninventory/fusioninventory-agent/pull/463

The work on the server side needs to be done.

You can test the agent's PR to validate it works in your environment