Added Command Line to fusioninventory-agent-deployment.vbs

Proyecto TAU 2 years ago 0

I'm happy to contribute with some command line options to fusioninventory-agent-deployment.vbs

I've read in CONTRIB.md: "On your 2.3.x branch, update this CONTRIB.md file to reference properly your contrib", but I don't know how "to reference properly my contrib"...

Isn't it enought a pretty PR to develop branch?

If you think that this is a valuable contribution, please, I'm anxiously waiting for further instructions ;-)

Best regards!

Usage: fusioninventory-agent-deployment [options ...]

        /Location="http[s]://host[:port]/[absolut_path]" | "\\host\share\[path]"
        /Arch=x86 | x64 | Auto
        /Force[=Yes or No]
        /Verbose[=Yes or No]
        /DryRun[=Yes or No]
        /Options=/S /acceptlicense /runnow etc ...

Missing options take the default value defined within the Script.
Present options without explicit value take the value Yes.

        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /help                                                  just this usage
        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /advance=15                                            must be an Integer value
        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /verbose /dryrun                                       for verbose dummy run
        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /dryrun                                                for silenced dummy run
        fusioninventory-agent-deployment /dryrun /options="/S /acceptlicense /runnow etc ..."   testing your options!