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We could have 2 screens like this:
1- Monitoring:

The GLPI Asset Monitoring module will control that all changes in devices, assignments, software, hardware and licenses are detected on the organization's workstations and servers. It also maintains a complete and detailed record of each change and alerts for all monitored devices, allowing real vision and control of all configuration changes in the IT infrastructure.
2- Alarm panel:
Any changes or modifications to the IT infrastructure are immediately marked with a flag in the GLPI Assets alarm log and the Alarm Summary Panel. This tool not only provides a clear view of changes in assets, but also automatically generates a unique ticket number that allows you to identify and consult any specific modification or change detected.


By using the Monitoring module, you can quickly configure the levels of criticality and escalation of each type of change / modification alert, and choose which groups or individuals to notify, either via email or SMS or WhatsApp or Telegram

We must advance in this solution that would be a great control and automation tool. Please support it to be planned.

thank you